Ultrasonic Seam Welding with MORE POWER

Is your current ultrasonic welder limiting the materials you can join, how fast you can join, or how thick you can join? Imagine what 10,000 watts of power might enable.

With 10,000 watts of power, the SonicLayer® X̅ Seam Welder enables:

Faster: Up to 250 inches per minute

Thicker: Up to 0.040 inch (1mm) in one pass

More Materials: Capable of...

Aluminum, Copper, Steels including Stainless, Nickel alloys including inconels, bulk metallic glasses and even Metal Matrix Composites

Down Force: Up to 2,250 pound-force

Width: Up to 1.063 inch (27 mm)

Efficient: Join more layers in one pass

Based on multiple patents and technology from over a decade of experience in ultrasonic additive manufacturing, the SonicLayer® X̅ Seam Welder is tried and true. The SonicLayer® X̅ Seam Welder features longitudinal ultrasonics to produce fully bonded solid-state welds.

SonicLayer® X̅ Seam Welder has successfully manufactured a variety of electrical grade foils for interconects, batteries, and flexible shunts as well as welding dissimilar metal combinations such as Cu/Ag, Cu/Al, Al/Fe. In addition to high speed production of electrical systems, high power seam welders can be used for metal foil packaging, sheet metal welding, cladding, and selective reinforcement. SonicLayer® X̅ Seam Welder can be used in any application needing to join metal foils or sheets together. Use this technology to join multi-material combinations of a vast array of metals and metal matrix composites. Imagine the possibilities!

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